Photo Gallery of FM Only Radios
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Tube Table
Tube Portable
Tube Novelty
Tube Clock-Radio
Retrofit Converters
Transistor Table
Transistor Portable/Car
Transistor Novelty
Kits and home made
TV-FM Combo
Special Purpose


Transistor (and other semiconductor) Table Radios

advent_400_1.jpg (95222 bytes)   advent_400_2.jpg (110737 bytes)
Advent 400

advent_410m_402.jpg (169774 bytes)
Advent 410m with 402 speaker

advent_420s.jpg (85393 bytes) advent_420s_close.jpg (20332 bytes)
Advent 420s with 402 speakers
aga_3352.jpg (64977 bytes)
AGA 3352 "Primär"
aga_3353.jpg (64325 bytes)
AGA 3353 "Primär Variant"
aga_3551.jpg (29156 bytes)
AGA 3551 "Companion"
aga_3552_early.jpg (50365 bytes)
AGA 3552 "Stabil"
(early version)
aga_3552_late.jpg (62097 bytes)
AGA 3552 "Stabil"
(later version)
bang&olufsen_beolit_500.jpg (40277 bytes)
Bang & Olufsen Beolit 500
dux_dx4170.jpg (22093 bytes)
Dux DX4170 "Duxie"
dux_dx4270.jpg (23743 bytes)
Dux DX4270 "Duxett"
fisher_100.jpg (24820 bytes)
Fisher 100 Microreceiver
grundig_sonoclock_460.jpg (49523 bytes)
Grundig 460 "Sonoclock"
heath_gr36.jpg (28700 bytes)
Heathkit GR-36
KLH Model 21
KLH 21
klh_21ii.jpg (91644 bytes)
klh_tr82.jpg (19679 bytes)
criterion.jpg (24212 bytes)
Lafayette Criterion IV
l_and_k_sales_sc1.jpg (36267 bytes)
L & K Sales SC-1
(Single channel)
philips_66rb180.jpg (29087 bytes)
Philips 66RB180 "Lyx Philetta"
philips_66rb370.jpg (71917 bytes)
Philips 66RB370 "Cosy"
proton_300.jpg (14262 bytes)
Proton 300
radio_shack_12-174.jpg (44389 bytes)
Radio Shack 12-174
radionette_hi-finette_fm.jpg (11679 bytes)
Radionette Hi-Finette FM
Copied with permission from the 
Norwegian Historical Radio Society.
ramsey_fr1.jpg (126805 bytes)
Ramsey FR-1
realistic_concertmaster.jpg (13710 bytes)
Realistic Concertmaster
sony_pfm9000a.jpg (8267 bytes)
Sony PFM-9000A
sony_tfm1837w.jpg (49423 bytes)
Sony TFM-1837W
sylvania_unknown_fm.jpg (68604 bytes)
Sylvania FM 70-W

Transistor Novelty and Promotional Radios

autovox_magic_drum.jpg (27140 bytes)
Autovox "Magic Drum"
creative_assets_cone_radio.jpg (91723 bytes)
Cone Radio

curve_novelty.jpg (49437 bytes)
"Curve" Radio

transformer.jpg (126024 bytes)
FM Radio Power Box

m&m_fm radio.jpg (56510 bytes)

promotional_concepts_ra14.jpg (7163 bytes)
Promotional Concepts
promotional_concepts_ra20.jpg (9809 bytes)
Promotional Concepts

promotional_concepts_ra23.jpg (7874 bytes)
Promotional Concepts
promotional_concepts_ra35.jpg (7162 bytes)
Promotional Concepts
radio_shack_63-1150.jpg (35053 bytes)
Radio Shack 63-1150
Watch/Clock Radio


Transistor Portable and (all) Car Radios A-M

    afco_fmt62.jpg (19619 bytes)
aristar.jpg (38223 bytes)
Aristar Mini (car radio)
automatic_fm_car_adapter.jpg (8836 bytes)
Automatic FM Car Adapter
bang&olufsen_beolit_505.jpg (48219 bytes)

bang&olufsen_beolit_505_scale.jpg (34818 bytes)
Bang & Olufsen Beolit 505
casio_rd10.jpg (34368 bytes)
Casio RD-10
casio_rd100.jpg (64727 bytes)
Casio RD-100
citizen_tr20.jpg (39055 bytes)
Citizen TR-20
clear_sr303.jpg (29607 bytes)
Clear SR-303

DUX DX6260
dux_t1260.jpg (25767 bytes)
Dux T-1260 "Trippel"
dux_t1262.jpg (22108 bytes)
Dux T-1262 "Piazza"
dux_t1270.jpg (19252 bytes)
Dux T-1270 "Triplex"
gonset_fm_car_adapter.jpg (42321 bytes)
Gonset 3311
Car FM Translator
granco_arc60.jpg (123444 bytes)
Granco ARC-60
Hacker RP-37
Hacker RP-37 "Herald"
hacker_rp71.jpg (85528 bytes)
Hacker RP-71 "Harrier"
hacker_rp74.jpg (42736 bytes)
Hacker RP-74 "Black Knight"
heath_gr41_1.jpg (8987 bytes)
Heathkit GR-41 auto radio
heath_gr61.jpg (32167 bytes) heath_gr61_2.jpg (14734 bytes)
Heathkit GR-61 portable
heath_grb420.jpg (30530 bytes)
Heathkit GRB-420 "Tiger" 
heathkit_cr1000a.jpg (11450 bytes)
Heathkit GR-1000a auto radio
klh_20.jpg (27716 bytes)
KLH 20 record player/receiver
maplin_tda7000.jpg (83018 bytes)
Maplin TDA7000 kit
masterwork_m104.jpg (24178 bytes)
Masterwork M-104
motorola_fm67m.jpg (16515 bytes)
Motorola FM 67M
Tube auto radio FM converter
motorola_fm900.jpg (58300 bytes)
Motorola FM 900
motorola_fm990x.jpg (46074 bytes)
Motorola FM 990X
Stereo auto radio

Motorola FMC-62

mura_hi_stepper.jpg (64514 bytes)
Mura hi stepper


Transistor Portable and (all) Car Radios N-Z


Aristar (Voxson Tanga clone)

nordmende_tasti.jpg (101327 bytes)
Nordmende "Tasti"

Panasonic RF-60

Panasonic RF-HD5
philips_22rn371.jpg (23336 bytes)
Philips 22RN371 "Biletta"
philips_b2s45t.jpg (51300 bytes)
Philips B2S45T "Philetta"
philips_h3s41t.jpg (54093 bytes)
Philips H3S41T "Twist"
philips_2066rl260.jpg (39999 bytes)
Philips 66RL260
radio_shack_mity-thin.jpg (81296 bytes)
Radio Shack "Mity-thin"
radio_shack_28-115.jpg (53977 bytes)
Radio Shack 28-115
Science Fair FM radio kit
radionette_kurer_501.jpg (34770 bytes)
Radionette Kurér 501
radionette_multirecorder_fm.jpg (30393 bytes)
Radionette Multirecorder FM
Copied with permission from the 
Norwegian Historical Radio Society.
radionette_soundrecorder_fm.jpg (177069 bytes)
Radionette Soundrecorder
rca_exp_fm_front.gif (237657 bytes)
RCA experimental portable
rca_exp_car_fm_front.jpg (66301 bytes)
RCA experimental auto radio
sanyo_v.jpg (46017 bytes)
Sanyo V Watch Radio

Sinclair Micro FM
sinclair_watch_radio.jpg (49335 bytes)
Sinclair Wristwatch Radio
sony_2fa_24w.jpg (29340 bytes)
Sony 2FA-24W
sony_mdr-fm7.jpg (175092 bytes)
Sony MDR FM7
sony_s53mk2.jpg (27608 bytes)
Sony S53MK2
sony_srf4.jpg (11916 bytes)
Sony SRF-4

Sony SRF-7
sony_srf-16w.jpg (40276 bytes)
Sony SRF-16W
FM Walkman
sony_srf-20w.jpg (145394 bytes)
Sony SRF-20W
FM Walkman
sony_srf-40w.jpg (48427 bytes)
Sony SRF-40W
FM Walkman
sony_srf46.jpg (61551 bytes)
Sony SRF-46
sony_srf201.jpg (13180 bytes)
Sony SRF-201
sony_srf202.jpg (218932 bytes)
Sony SRF-202
sony_srf-f1.jpg (69266 bytes)
Sony SRF-F1
sony_srfs50w.jpg (67754 bytes)
Sony SRF-S50W

Standard SR-J715F

Standard SR-Q707F
voxson_base.jpg (54829 bytes)
Voxson Tanga
car and home radio 
voxson_tanga_1977.jpg (6585 bytes)
Voxson Tanga
later version
watson_tr4202.jpg (71963 bytes)
Watson TR4202



Kits and home made (many are also pictured in other categories)

heath_gr11.jpg (38189 bytes)
Heathkit GR-11
heathkit_gr21.jpg (84077 bytes)heathkit_gra21-1.jpg (83118 bytes)
Heath GR-21 and matching
GRA-21-1 stereo adapter 

heath_gr36.jpg (28700 bytes)
Heathkit GR-36

heath_gr41_1.jpg (8987 bytes)
Heathkit GR-41 auto radio
heath_gr61.jpg (32167 bytes) heath_gr61_2.jpg (14734 bytes)
Heathkit GR-61 portable
heathkit_cr1000a.jpg (11450 bytes)
Heathkit GR-1000a auto radio
heath_grb420.jpg (30530 bytes)
Heathkit GRB-420 "Tiger"
maplin_tda7000.jpg (83018 bytes)
Maplin TDA7000 kit
moujaber_fm_front.jpg (32930 bytes)
Designed and built 
by Camil Moujaber
other views [1] [2] [3] [4]
radio_shack_28-115.jpg (53977 bytes)
Radio Shack 28-115
Science Fair FM radio kit
ramsey_fr1.jpg (126805 bytes)
Ramsey FR-1

Sinclair Micro FM

 TDA7021T Home brew
by Bent Hede





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