Photo Gallery of FM Only Radios
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Tube Table
Tube Portable
Tube Novelty
Tube Clock-Radio
Retrofit Converters
Transistor Table
Transistor Portable/Car
Transistor Novelty
Kits and home made
TV-FM Combo
Special Purpose


Vacuum Tube Portable Radios

Concert Networks
"Hastings FM, Jr."

Vacuum Tube Novelty Radios

guild_country_bell.jpg (4574 bytes)

Guild Radio Corp of America
"Country Bell"

Universal Publicizers
FM Microphone Radio
(Single channel)

Tube Clock Radios

granco_605.jpg (79582 bytes)
Granco 605 "Musichron"
grundig_65.jpg (82964 bytes)
Grundig 65

Console Radios

aga_3471.jpg (47720 bytes)

AGA 3471 "Melogram"
Transistor console with record player
ge_gm125.jpg (122989 bytes)
GE GM-125
meissner_9-1023.jpg (49869 bytes)
Meissner 9-1023
pre-war FM

Combination TV/FM radios


english_electric_1550.jpg (28132 bytes)
English Electric


Pre-WWII Radios and Tuners


brewster_b10.jpg (93056 bytes)
Brewster B-10

ge_hm80.jpg (113413 bytes)
GE HM-80
ge_jfm90.jpg (32461 bytes)

lafayette_prewar.jpg (251592 bytes)
Lafayette 716(?)

meissner_9-1047.jpg (15115 bytes)
Meissner 9-1047
motorola_fm82.jpg (23280 bytes)
Motorola FM82

Scott converter
silvertone_6143.jpg (65407 bytes)
Silvertone 6143
stromberg_carlson_505h.jpg (54085 bytes)
Stromberg Carlson 505H


Post-WWII Tuners and receiving converters

audar_fmc12.jpg (144384 bytes)
Audar FMC-12 "Telvar"
FM tuner
Brooks tuner
browings_lab_rv10.jpg (81800 bytes)
Brownings Lab RV10
dewald_b612.jpg (73888 bytes)
DeWald B612
(FM to AM converter)
dewald_b612_catalin.jpg (58615 bytes)
DeWald B612 Catalin
(FM to AM converter)
Edwards Fidelotuner (1)
Edwards Fidelotuner (2)
fada_795.jpg (15335 bytes)
Fada 795
ge_xfm1.jpg (47994 bytes)
howard_482.jpg (39539 bytes)
Howard 482
meck_converter.jpg (31639 bytes)
Meck (model unknown)
meissner_8c.jpg (32881 bytes)
Meissner 8C
heathkit_fm_tuner.jpg (27856 bytes)
Heathkit FM Tuner

Minerva SA286
philips_7768_12.jpg (39644 bytes)
Philips 7768-12
internal converter
pilot_t601.jpg (22910 bytes)
Pilot T601
pilot_t607.jpg (19746 bytes)
Pilot T607
regency_televerter.jpg (44465 bytes)
Regency TeleVerter
(FM to TV converter)
scott_pre_war_converter.jpg (69202 bytes)
internal converter
vision_teletuner.jpg (44465 bytes)
Vision Research Teletuner
(FM to TV converter)


Pre war to post war (retrofit) converters [retrofit page]

hallicrafters_cn1.jpg (45636 bytes)
Hallicrafters CN-1
(internal mouting)
hallicrafters_cn3.jpg (70642 bytes)
Hallicrafters CN-3
hallicrafters_cn5.jpg (17115 bytes)
Hallicrafters CN-5


Special purposes

accurate_telemetry.jpg (41713 bytes)
Accurate Instruments
Telemetry Receiver

lab_volt_eboard7.jpg (106911 bytes)
Lab-Volt Experiment Board #7





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