The KLH Model 8 table radio

In 1960 KLH introduced a high fidelity vacuum tube FM table radio.  The speaker was sold with the radio and was specially matched to the radio's output amplifier.  The KLH 8 might best be described as a cross between a hi-fi receiver and a table radio.  It was designed by the late Henry Kloss and set a standard that may other companies have tried to match.

KLH Eight with matching speaker (Click on images to see enlarged views)               

[KLH 8 schematic] [KLH 8 chassis drawing] [KLH 8 Instruction Manual]

KLH Eight as a stereo radio

The KLH Eight was designed to work with a stereo adapter before a multiplex standard was adopted.  When a standard was chosen, the KLH Model 13 transistorized adapter was introduced.  Then KLH 8 and KLH 13 are shown here side-by-side.


Descendants of the KLH Eight

Henry Kloss went on to form a new company, Advent.  Both Advent and the old KLH modernized the KLH 8 design.  Other companies, like Lafayette, also tried to capitalize on the success of this original Hi-Fi table radio.  Here are a few examples.


KLH after Henry Kloss left

KLH 21
KLH 21/IIc
KLH 100 digital
KLH 200 digital am/fm

Advent with Henry Kloss

Advent 400

Advent after Henry Kloss left

Advent 410M
Advent 420S


Criterion IV

Tivoli with Henry Kloss

Kloss Model One (FM/AM) see the Tivoli Audio web site



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