For the purpose of FM radio collecting, siblings are matching AM only and FM only radio sets.   
I have included a few other types of matching sets (e.g., FM with AM/FM)


Admiral, Emerson, Fada, General Electric, Granco, Guild Radio Corp of America, Heathkit, Kolster Brandes, Motorola, Radio Shack, Sony, Universal PublicizersZenith



 "Walton": Y3061 FM on left, Y3021 AM on right



B612 FM converter on left, A502 AM radio on right




 636 AM on the left, 602A FM on the right




795 FM tuner 605 AM radio




General Electric

T-186A FM on the left, T-165A AM on the right




601 FM on the left, A650 AM on the right.  

610 FM  T-160 FM tuner 


Guild Radio Corp of America

"Country Bell": FM on the left, AM on the right



GR-11 FM on the left, GR-10 AM on the right


 XR-2P AM on the left, GR-61 FM on the right



Kolster Brandes (KB)

"Toaster":  FB10 FM on left , and FB10 AM



B1-J FM on left, B1-W AM/FM on right


Radio Shack

  WeatherRadio  FM Deskube radio    AM Deskube radio   AM/FM Deskube radio 




TFM1837W  FM      TR-1819 AM 



Universal Publicizers 

 "Mike Radio":  AM on the left, FM on the right



X306 FM   X318M AM


(The  X318 picture was donated, but I lost the name. Please contact me so I can give proper credit)


7H918 FM   K510 AM 

(I am looking for a full-size picture of a K510 to complete this Zenith pair.)







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