Clones: Same Radio, Different Faces

Often the same radio is sold under different brand names.  Here are some 
examples of FM only radios with primarily cosmetic differences.

Arvin 30R12 and family

Arvin 30R12

Penncrest 614

Medallion 30N15-01 
(or perhaps 30N19-01)

Silvertone 1022 
(yes, this is the same radio)

Sarkes Tarzian 517 and family

Sarkes Tarzian 517

Auditron SF101

Admiral Y3083A

Sansei Electronics Industry Co. (SEC) and family

SEC Hi-Mood

Wingfield 61

(model unknown, dial missing)

Pioneer FMR-1
(made for Japan market, dial missing)
(model unknown)

(model unknown, wrong dial)

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