Sinclair Watch Radio

(Description courtesy of Steve Reedy)



This is a very rare piece that should appeal to collectors of Sinclair products (that's Sir Clive Sinclair of ZX81 and C5 fame!)  This is a Sinclair digital watch with alarm and FM Radio. The best date I have is the copyright notice on the instruction sheet - 1985.   I believe that it was the first FM radio to be built into a watch. I am told that this watch was only released onto the market for a couple of days and then withdrawn (I do not know why). It is beautifully engineered in a very unusual style.

The body is in three sections electronically connected together with flexicircuits (very advanced for it's time as it was entirely flexicircuit and surface mount technology). The sections are hinged together with strong metal hinges, and the flexicircuits are protected by fexible rubber concertina type covers. The arial for radio reception is a copper band concealed inside the flexible resin strap. The watch runs on two batteries, one tiny one fitted into the bottom section of the watch to power the clock & alarm, and a larger one to power the radio which is conveniently fitted into the buckle. Both are currently available.



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