Mark Sherman

This is my personal webpage of my projects I work on in my free time. Please do not contact me here regarding anything relating to my work at Gracenote.

Hobby Projects

FM Only Radios The FM-only Radio page went dark, so I contacted the site author, and he agreed to let me host a copy of the old site. Why am I hosting this? I really liked the Low-Tech section describing and linking to many different designs easy to build at home.

CoCoTair 6809 (Retro Challenge 2017/10 Entry) Porting a unix 8080 emulator written in C to a TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo). October 1 to 31, 2017. Completely useless: Run Altair programs at a fraction of their speed on the 'wrong' processor.

RCA-1802 Homebrew Computer (Retro Challenge 2017/04 Entry) I found some old CPUs and will try to make a computer out of one. April 1 to April 30, 2017.

10Liners2017 This year I am participating in the BASIC 10 Liners competition. I am programming for my terrible, terrible TRS-80 Color Computer Model 2. (hosted on Github)

Tinygames For the Hackaday 1k challenge, I decided to write a racing-the-beam version of Centipede. It wasn't that terrible, beacause it won 3rd place!

Re-Calculate Bringing back a TI SR-56 calculator from the dead. (2016)

Cat-644 8-bit homebrew computer (hosted on hackaday.io) (2013 - ongoing )

Single Transistor FM Receiver Very low-tech FM radio that sounds pretty good. (2012)

ProjectZ ProjectZ is a half-completed game engine/library that I never finished. It's not 'dead,' I'll pick it back up someday. When I do, I'll host it here. (hosted on blogspot) UPDATE: I have been working on this recently (January 2018) and will be writing about it soon. I did a major refactor, and now have support for GLSL shaders.

There's lots of other CRAP I work on too, but much of it is boring or terrible. Sometimes I remember or find some old thing I did and work on it a bit again. If anything comes up, I'll put it up here.